Team Coaching

What do we mean by ‘Team Coaching’

On paper, many teams should achieve outstanding results.  Sadly, the reality is often different; frequent misunderstandings about what needs to be achieved, a sense that some team members are working harder than others or a handful of strong negative voices taking the shine off progress are all symptoms of deeper issues.  Whatever the issue, the purpose of ‘team coaching’ is to review the “collective effectiveness” of a team, identify what restricts collaboration, and build new productive ways of working.

Team Relationships Matter




Team Relationships Matter

How team coaching is conducted.

We deliver our services in whatever way is most appropriate to your circumstances; one-to-one or in groups of up to six people, on-line or in-person.  We recommend groups of up to six people to ensure participants gain the confidence to make the changes they need to.

Focused on the team

Exploration and discovery are where we start.  We benchmark a team’s collective effectiveness.  This insight is used to inform how we work with the team.

Short focussed workshops

Workshops are up to two hours long, focus on specific aspects of collective effectiveness, and are constructed to your specification from our extensive library of resources.

Tangible skills

Teams select, adapt and apply tools and techniques aligned to the things they need to improve by working differently.  It’s all about the result and having a positive impact.

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