About the Unlearning Company

We are passionate about human potential; enabling those we work with to develop and sustain new skills and behaviours.  Our approach is different because, informed by the principles of positive psychology we aim to make adopting new ways of working and thinking straightforward.  Our coaching provides an opportunity to explore how work is currently approached, identify more effective ways of achieving results, and most importantly, enable folk to apply and sustain their discoveries

Why do we coach?

Achieve results

Individuals improve their work performance, teams work better together and organisations become increasingly productive.

Optimise investment

Sessions are dynamic, adapt to the immediate needs of delegates, and focus on the results you require.


Minimise disruption

Sessions are a maximum of two hours duration and scheduled to work within your organisation’s daily routine.

Why are insight, inspiration and impact important to us?


Action without insight is like starting a journey without a compass or a map.   Preparation is critical to success.  Whether we are working with an individual, a team or the whole organisation the first step of any project is to understand our clients’ ambition; their anticipated destination.  The next step is to confirm their current location before we explore what is preventing progress.


Inspiration is what fuels us to try anything new.  When we are inspired by a destination we are more likely to make the journey.  If however previous attempts have been unsuccessful we will be more reluctant to break camp and start again.  Informed by the principles of positive psychology we aim to inspire those first steps and offer support when the terrain is challenging.


Everything we do is about impact.  Our clients experience sustained changes in the way their people work, improved relationships within teams, and an increased sense of purpose across the organisation.  As we deliver we ask for regular feedback.  This fresh insight enables us to make adjustments to our route ensuring we reach the anticipated destination.

Meet Our Founder - Jonathan Cooper

My passion for coaching began back in 2004 when as a part of my professional development I attended a Coaching Practitioners course.  I was immediately struck by the positive impact coaching had on me and my practice.  People started to seek me out to “have a chat”, often in response to a challenge they faced for which they had been unable to find solution; through exploring the issue together a new strategy would be identified to deal with the situation.  What excites me most about coaching is that even in the most challenging of circumstances individuals and teams always have the solution to their problems, they simply need help to find them.


Meet Our Founder - Jonathan Cooper

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